Shelley Wade

Shelley is in our Business office. They are responsible for making sure our billing office and procedures run smoothly. She ensures that your claims are sent out and paid correctly and timely. If you have any questions or concerns about your bill you can speak to her by selecting option 6 on the phone system.

Sally Perdue

Our office receptionist is Sally. She will be the first person you will see in our practice and though preferred but not required you usually get greeted with a smile. She is responsible for getting the patient’s scheduled and checked in for their appointments. She makes sure we have the correct and most current information in the system on the patients. She works with the insurance company to be sure your visit will be covered and will usually let you know if any additional out of pocket cost will be needed. If you need to speak to her she can be reached at extension 300 or you can press 1 on the phone system.

Kristi Hutcheson

Kristi Hutcheson serves as Practice Administrator of Colorectal Surgery Associates.  Kristi is a 1990 graduate of First Presbyterian Day School in Macon.  She holds both a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration from Mercer University.  Kristi has served in various roles in private sector healthcare administration in central Georgia for nearly…

Kelly Drake

Our physician medical assistant is Kelly Drake. She takes care of all patient questions and concerns on behalf of the physician. It is her responsibility to take care of our patient’s medical needs in a timely manner. You may contact her by pressing her extension, 303.

Hope Barbee

Our practice surgery scheduler is Hope. She is responsible for setting up all of our patients minor and major procedures. These are usually procedures that are done at the hospitals or outpatient ambulatory centers. She works with you and your insurance company to ensure that your procedure is covered and sent to the billing staff correctly. She makes sure that you have everything you need to be prepared for your procedure well in advance and hopefully to make it a smooth process. If you need to speak to her you can reach her at extension 306 or she is option 2 on the phone system.