Martha Tisdale discusses the importance of a colonoscopy and her recent surgery with Dr. Brewer.


Robert Thornton discusses his decision about using Dr. Brewer for his the DaVinci Robotic procedures.

I was very impressed with the staff. They are very helpful and considerate of your time and situation. Tami was more than informative about my treatment in order to resolve my problem. I could not be more satisfied.

anonymous – Lizella, GA

Helpful Staff

Dear Dr. Brewer,
I am writing from my first chemotherapy treatment. I want to express my thanks to you for your expert execution of my right hemicolectomy December 2, 2013. The laparoscopy was successful, little discomfort and rapid recovery. I am very thankful for all the above. Thank you for your superb skill and caring.

Martha Tisdale

Laparoscopy Success

“I just wanted to let you know how much your care and your practice has meant to me.  Without you I know I would be facing cancer within a short time, so thank you for saving my life.  If you hadn’t listened and cared as you did, things would be so different for me.  I know you see it as doing your job which you do so well, but you did so much more.  Thank you for being patient, caring and empathetic too.  I know that gets harder for some physicians the longer they are in practice but you truly are different.  This road has been very difficult for me but you and your staff have made it easier & more tolerable.  Thank you so very much! “

Chalese Newberry & Family

Saved My Life

“About a year ago I had fecal incontinence event at a friends home and of course was horrified.  After a referral to Dr. Doug Brewer and a brief consultation it was decided that I would benefit from their treatment.  The result was living without fear of such an embarrassment of reoccurrence.” 

Anonymous – Macon, GA