We would like to introduce you to a new website that we have made available to our patients.  This site is referred to as the Patient Portal and allows our patient’s to obtain access to their personal medical records.

This is a secure website that can only be accessed by you the patient with an initial password that is provided to you by our office.  You will need to reset the password once it is received so that it is something unique and private to you.

We are very excited about our ability to offer this service to you and hope that you will find it very useful.  Within this site you will be able to perform the following actions.

Click Here to access the patient portal website. You will taken away from the Colorectal AssociatesWebsite

View or Access:

  • Appointment information-past and future
  • Lab and test results
  • Referral request that have been received
  • Patient educational information that pertains to our specialty
  • Past and current messages that have been sent
  • Personal health information-this includes your test results, patient history, allergies, surgeries and the physicians progress notes for each of your visits.
  • Your account information and statement balances

Interactive Items:

  • Personal Information can be updated
  • Medication refills can be submitted
  • Appointment’s can be questioned, canceled or requested (you cannot select the day or time but you can request that someone contact you in reference to the need for an appointment, etc)
  • Labs results can be posted.  Our office will post any new test results to the portal for you to view.
  • You can submit changes to the medical history we have on file for you as well as submit new information that has been received since your last visit.

As a new patient you can submit information to us from the site without a login from us but will be unable to view any of your personal information until the login has been established from our office staff.

All items that are posted by our office to your site will result in you receiving an email stating that you have something new posted to your site.  This will not contain any specific information so that we are able to respect your privacy.  If you have any questions that have not been addressed above please ask our staff and they will be glad to explain or provide the information you need.


Thank you,

CSA Staff