• In the US there are 140, 000 new diagnoses of colorectal cancer annually
  • There are 50,000 deaths annually
  • Each year 8-10% of those cases are due to inherited genetic alterations that, until recently, were thought to be <1% and thus grossly underestimated
  • Theses alterations include: Hereditary Non-Polyposis Colon Cancer [HNPCC], Familial Adenomatous Polyposis [FAP], Attenuated Familial Adenomatous Polyposis [aFAP]. and Mut-Y-Homolog Adenomatous Polyposis [MAP] syndromes
  • Physician and patient education regarding these syndromes has allowed greater understanding and identification of those potentially susceptible
  • Genetic susceptibility confers as much as an 80-100% lifetime risk of colorectal cancer [typically <45 years old], in addition to extraordinarily high risks of ovary, uterine, stomach, small bowel, and kidney cancers.
  • The only way to know if you/your family are at risk is to ask key/directed questions and define family histories. – There are ways to reduce your risk or overcome cancer in your lifetime. If a risk of cancer runs in your family, genetic testing may be an important step for you. Specialized training is key to this process and is fundamental to Colorectal Surgery Associates Board Certified/Fellowship Trained Surgeons.
  • Genetic discussion is critical to understanding the personal, emotional, psychological, family, and surgical impact that has to be considered.
  • Genetic testing/counseling and being informed will help with risk reduction, making surveillance or therapeutic decisions regarding your and your families risk of malignancy, or in caring for cancers.
  • Every patient that carries a potential or verified clinical diagnosis of HNPCC/FAP/aFAP or MAP, should have a Colorectal Surgeon and other disciplines intimately involved in their lifelong management

Cancer Risk Assessment Centers offer specialized services to people with a personal and/or family history of cancer. Under the direction of Dr. Douglas Brewer [Local and National Speaker for Genetic Colorectal Cancers/Genetic Testing], in concert with Myriad Genetics, Inc, Colorectal Surgery Associates offers this specialized service/care in relation to genetic cancer risk assessments and car

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